Welcome to my homepage!

Find out about my work as a scientific associate at the Heine Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (HeiCAD) at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, about my former research in mathematical imaging and machine learning, my outreach work and my interests beyond all of this.


  • I was invited by CORRECTIV to speak at this year’s Campfire Festival in Düsseldorf on the 27th of August
  • Together with Tamara Großmann and Julia Kroos, I wrote an article on our project Her Maths Story in the EMS Magazine by the European Mathematical Society. [article]
  • Together with Stefan Göllner (Stifterverband) and Steffen Brandt (opencampus.sh), I co-organised the session “KI-Expert:innen vs. Fachexpert:innen mit KI-Wissen: Welche KI-Kompetenzen brauchen wir eigentlich?” in the AI track at this year’s University:Future Festival and gave a lightning talk on AI education at HeiCAD. [video]
  • I wrote a blog article for Her Maths Story: “A Feminist Rant – Or a Plea for Change”